Houston Family Commends The Other Place
Letter to Herald-Zeitung 5/29/13

"Our family just returned from our annual weekend in New Braunfels. We have been staying at The Other Place on the weekend prior to Memorial weekend since the mid-1970s.

This has been our extended family tradition (now three generations) for almost four decades. This year, we had 24 total (nine children and 15 adults). The memories and history of our times in your city, on the river, and at The Other Place are priceless.

Over the years, the litter, chaos, noise, vulgarity and crowds floating along the Comal River and right by our cabins had gotten so increasingly intolerable that we had decided it was time to end this tradition. However, with the implementation of the new disposable container ordinance and other rules that have regulated the waterway, our last two years have been a supreme pleasure - just like it was in the old days when it was clean, peaceful and fun for all ages.

Well done, Mayor Gale Pospisil and New Braunfels City Council members! We commend you and the citizens of New Braunfels who took a stand for maintaining the beauty and values of your city. Undoubtedly, there was great resistance, and it was not easy to make these changes.

However, these changes and the enforcement of the regulations by law enforcement can be nothing but positive for your great community.

We look forward to continuing our tradition, and recommending New Braunfels as a great vacation spot for other families."

Mary and Duane Hendricks